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When is it AWS O’Clock? – Unraveling the Beast

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It’s almost like we're talking about the latest Bugatti. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has established itself as the de facto supercar of the cloud computing world. But the question remains - when should I switch to AWS? Let's delve deeper.

When should I switch to AWS?

AWS, with its comprehensive suite of services, can be the transformational force your business is seeking. Let's explore a few industry-specific examples:

E-commerce: The Amazon Story

If you run an e-commerce site, AWS, much like it did for, can offer everything from hosting your website to managing databases, analytics, and customer preferences. It's akin to having a Formula 1 pit crew fine-tuning your business to deliver optimal performance.

Healthcare: Cerner's Pulse Check

Cerner, a healthcare IT giant, relies on AWS for machine learning and analytics tools, helping discover new insights, accelerate diagnoses, and streamline patient care. AWS’s HIPAA eligible services can be your 24/7 world-renowned research team and medical crew.

Fintech: Capital One's Winning Bet

Capital One is reshaping the fintech landscape with AWS. With services like Amazon Redshift for data warehousing and AWS Lambda for serverless computing, AWS can help you gain an edge in the financial market.

Media & Entertainment: Netflix's Play

If you're a player in the media and entertainment industry, like Netflix, AWS can be your cornerstone. With services like AWS Elemental MediaLive for live video processing and Amazon S3 for storing and retrieving any amount of data, you can revolutionize your digital media supply chain.

Education: Coursera's Learning Curve

For online learning platforms like Coursera, AWS serves up its A-game with features like AWS Direct Connect for dedicated network connections and Amazon CloudFront for fast content delivery.

And I can go on...

Turning the Key: Engaging with AWS

Even though AWS brings a significant horsepower boost, there are some essential aspects to consider before you hit the ignition.

The Intricate Maze: AWS Services

With over 200 fully featured services, AWS is a labyrinth of capabilities. Without a roadmap, you might get lost. For instance, you decide to use Amazon EC2 for scalable computing capacity. But do you know which instance type would be cost-effective and suitable for your needs?

Price Gauge: Cost vs. Benefit

The AWS pricing model can be as complicated as a nuclear physics equation. If not managed properly, it might feel like you're at a roulette table in Vegas, betting on the wrong number.

See for yourself a map on pricing just for data transfer when using serverles services:

The Lock-in Paradox: Exit Strategy

Exit strategy is often overlooked. It's like buying that shiny Bugatti without considering the cost of parts and repairs. Remember, moving data out of AWS storage services comes with a cost, and depending on the volume of data, these charges can be significant.

I repeat, getting out of AWS is no joke, and I still ear clients saying: "Let's be flexible. We may need to move out in 2 years"

It's a good idea, but you may find your cloud engineers like so:

200+ featured services... Crazy pricing model... Hard exit

Going alone on such ride feels scary now, but what if you get help?

A Specialist Co-Driver?

The co-driver on a rally car team is as essential as the driver. They help navigate the course, ensuring the driver can focus on speed and precision. Similarly, a specialist's insight and expertise can be vital for navigating the AWS landscape and avoiding the potential hazards of technical debt.

As the legendary author, John Maxwell said, “Debt is normal. Be weird.” Avoiding the accumulation of technical debt by bringing in a specialist might be seen as an 'extra' cost, but they will save you from significant future headaches.

Switching to AWS can be a strategic move that propels your business into the future. It should, however, be made considering the necessary resources and abilities to manage the complexities of AWS or the readiness to bring in specialist support. Remember, it's not just about driving the supercar; it's about owning the race.



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