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Elevate Your Operations

Architecture Review

Our top consultant has been using Kubernetes since it’s inception, there is a lot of insight in our advice. 

With this package, we can help you revise your current architecture through an audit and provide you with a plan for improvement.

You decide whether you want to implement with us or not.

Security Enhancement

If you have a doubt that your Kubernetes clusters are vulnerable, let us know.

We will supply you with a security audit and a plan so they can defend themselves.

We also offer the option to strengthen the clusters for you.

Your team can focus on new features, while we take care of the bad guys for you.

Cluster Cleanup

You may feel left out by all the new tools available in Kubernetes that could skyrocket your team’s productivity.

Wether it’s ArgoCD, External Secrets, External DNS, Karpenter or any of the thousands of tools out there, let us know and we will provide you with an installation and a configuration plan for your clusters and we'll give you a tour once it's completed.

Update and Setup

Kubernetes is seen as a monster for many.

Not by us.


Our many years of experience allow us to tame the beast without a scratch.

Whether you need to upgrade or create a cluster, we provide both solutions with a plan to ensure your service stays operation based on your SLOs.

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